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To the Lost Continent!

Thousands of years ago, the continent of Alak Moore was abruptly sealed off from the rest of the world. A thousand foot high wall of storms appeared around the entire continent. This was called the Lastwall. It defied every attempt to bypass or break through it. No one from Alak Moore was ever seen or heard from again.

Until now.

The Lastwall has fallen. Every nation is planning an expedition to the Lost Continent, hoping to glean what happened to it, and what treasures may lie there. The nations of Kesh, Westeros, and Queg have ceased their intermittent warring to plan a joint expedition. In an attempt to beat those nations to the prize, a loose coalition of countries have gathered an expeditionary force.

The race to the Lost Continent has begun.

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The Lost Continent of Alak Moore. ianofdoom